David Greathouse

Singer/Songwriter/Graphic Designer


Folk, Folk Rock, Americana

Record Label

Sourdough Music, ASCAP

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Full Bio

David Greathouse is a songwriter, an actor, a graphic designer, a sound designer & editor, recording engineer, a CG enthusiast, and a fledgling blacksmith. But his passion is song writing... storytelling... the business of taking a listener to some special place and bringing them back changed, or at least affected. His is the art of altered perspectives and artfully colored phrases intent on catching a listener off guard... to knock them off balance and send them on their way with new ideas about "stuff".

Starting out in earnest as a songwriter during the 80s with the Ozark Songwriters Association, he continues to be heavily influenced by the singer/songwriters of his generation, and considers himself a storyteller at the heart of it all. His lyric craftsmanship has garnered great local appreciation, and on the guitar, he owns a distinctive and compelling style that is uniquely his own but comfortably familiar. He has been writing and performing for over twenty years, but has recently found himself a willing captive of the Star Trek universe - writing several songs for the wildly popular series of live, staged parodies of the classic show performed in Springfield, Missouri since 2011. In addition to the Star Trek parodies, he has immersed himself in various local theater and film projects - writing, acting and producing at every possible opportunity. In addition to countless appearances throughout the area, in 2008 a live CD was recorded at the Gillioz Theatre, also in Springfield. David also worked with the Skinny Improv's Playhouse Theater, and hopes to return to that again soon. He has written Christmas songs, wedding songs... and well, you know... songs.

David garnered his first "Composer" and "Musical Director" credits in Queen City Collective's 2012 production of Euripides' "Cyclops", in which he also played the role of Silenus. Later that same year he sank into the lusciously despicable role of Miles in Matt Quentin Boes' "Art Is Good", and as a musician and actor in A Class Act Productions "An Ozark Mountain Christmas".

In 2013, David contributed an original song "The Voices In Our Heads" to Springfield playwright, Bryant Turnage's, presentation of six one act plays staged under the same title. 2013 also marked the debut of Harvest Moon Productions and its staging of "1000 Cranes". A heartbreaking true story depicting life in the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing, for which David penned and performed the song "Still Falling".

Teamed with Rice Theatricals, David is now co-producing a new series of radio plays under the banner of "Radio Heyday", recording, editing and producing over a dozen shows - including a live Christmas show, within the first six months of this endeavor. Radio Heyday now receives scripts submitted from all over the country. Currently, David is making his debut scoring a new Web Series called "A Little Help", in which he also has a leading role. David and playwright Bryant Turnage are, once again, rumored to be in cahoots to write a new musical... With the return of Star Trek parodies, David continues to be a very busy, if not an especially good boy.