Kris Palmer

Singer/Producer/Vocal Coach

Vocal Producer/Artist Development at:

The Varakus Group

Lead Singer at:


The Sauce


The Dropouts


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Full Bio:

Kris Palmer was born with entertainment in her blood.

Her lineage traces back to beginning her journey with such stars as The Weaver Brothers & Elvirie, one of vaudeville's most successful hillbilly acts. Kris started performing in school choirs/musicals and church choirs as a child in the Springfield area.


By the age of thirteen, Kris recorded her first professional single with Disney Europe. After high school, Kris enlisted in the United States Army where she served at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Returning home from duty, Kris joined Jesus Christ Superstar, having never auditioned for a major role before Kris was elated when she landed the part of Mary Magdalene at The Landers Little Theater.  For Kris, this experience solidified the fact she was to be on stage. From then on, she was hooked.

Kris has many musical influences that were introduced to by her music-loving parents; Chaka Khan, Bonnie Raitt, Pat Benetar, Ann Wilson, Janis Joplin and Dolores O’Riordan to name a few. Using these influences, Kris went on to start her own bands as well as find success in cover bands such as T.O.C., PET, The Dropouts, Granny's Bathwater Tribute and the most known in the region, Pearl.

As the lead singer of Pearl, Kris transformed into a star all her own, known to the Mid West as, “Miss Pearl.” Pearl was voted as The Best Party Band in Missouri and voted Best 417 Cover Band. 

Kris has also worked with note-worthy entertainers, such as Morris Day and the Time, the SOS Band, Zac Brown band and many others.  When Kris wasn’t performing live with her own bands, she made numerous appearances on networks including Morning show personality for KTXR and weekend host on 104.7 The Cave.

Palmer has a passion for helping other aspiring artists. She is a Vocal/Artist development coach & vocal producer for The Varakus Group studios in Springfield, Mo. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and her latest creations will be on display in the Springfield community and available to purchase online within the next year.